The most beautiful beaches in eastern Sicily

Do you want sun, sea and relaxation? Then Eastern Sicily is the right destination for your holidays! In addition to being a land full of charm, history and culture, Eastern Sicily is a continuous succession of nature reserves, crystal clear waters and wonderful beaches of fine golden sand where you can enjoy moments of healthy relaxation and enjoy the sun of the summer holidays. . These are heavenly places that you will hardly forget. It is no coincidence that the eastern coast of Sicily is one of the most popular destinations for Italians who want to spend a wonderful beach holiday.

As evidence of the fact that the beaches of Eastern Sicily are among the cleanest and most beautiful in Italy, there are several ones that each year obtain the Blue Flag, recognition awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for the excellence of bathing waters . Among the places that have obtained the Blue Flag for summer 2019 are: Ispica (Santa Maria del Focallo and Ciriga), Pozzallo (Pietre Nere and Raganzino) and Ragusa (Marina di Ragusa). In addition, many of these beaches are characterized by gently sloping seabed, ideal as a destination for families with small children. Among the beaches that for the summer of 2019 have obtained the Green Flag, the recognition that indicates beaches and seaside resorts suitable for children, there are five of them in the province of Ragusa (Casuzze – Punta Secca – Caucana, Ispica – Santa Maria del Focallo, Pozzallo – Pietre Nere – Raganzino, Marina di Ragusa and Scoglitti) and one of the province of Syracuse (Vendicari).

Which beach to choose for an unforgettable experience? Here is a selection for you of the most beautiful beaches for swimming in Eastern Sicily, the most fascinating part of the entire island!

One of the most beautiful is undoubtedly the Caucana beach in Santa Croce Camerina, in the province of Ragusa. Characterized by a very large beach, about two kilometers long, which allows you to enjoy the sea in tranquility even in times of major crowds and tourist influx, the beach of fine golden sand is bathed by an enchanting blue and crystalline sea. Near the beach it is also possible to visit a fascinating Archaeological Park which preserves traces of the period of Greek colonization in Sicily. For those who want to bathe in the waters where Commissioner Montalbano loves to swim, just reach Punta Secca, a small seaside village, a hamlet of Santa Croce Camerina. Punta Secca beach is one of the most characteristic of the region for its position, close to the village, and for its golden sand. On the waterfront, past the lighthouse, there is also the Enzo a Mare restaurant where the Commissioner often eats fish dishes.

A few kilometers from Punta Secca, always in the territory of Santa Croce Camerina, there is the Torre di Mezzo beach, which takes its name from the old watchtower, of which today only a few remains remain, which directly overlooks the sea. Small and welcoming, the beach, thanks to its hidden position, is very quiet even during the summer months, especially during weekdays. The nearby Punta Braccetto beach is also of considerable beauty, lying on a very suggestive stretch of coast, close to the remains of an ancient watchtower. It has a beach of fine and clear sand that alternates with stretches of rocks and is lapped by a clean and crystalline sea that slopes gently towards the sea allowing children to swim in complete safety. In the municipality of Vittoria there is Scoglitti Beach, located in the westernmost part of the Ragusa coast. Bathed by a clear and crystalline sea, the beach is characterized by fine golden sand that sometimes forms small dunes.

Absolutely not to be missed is also Marina di Ragusa, considered one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Italy. In addition to its splendid beaches, characterized by fine golden sand and bathed by a beautiful crystal clear sea with a seabed that slopes gently towards the sea, Marina di Ragusa is also famous for being one of the most lively places in Sicily. During the day, destination for those who love beaches and the sea, at night the perfect place for those who want to have fun. In the vicinity of Marina di Ragusa there is the Mouth of the Irminio river, the last testimony of how the Sicilian coasts were historically presented. Among the best equipped and renowned seaside resorts of Eastern Sicily we also find: Donnalucata, with its coast characterized by two large golden sandy beaches; Cava d’Aliga, a real corner of paradise that in summer attracts a large number of tourists attracted by its natural beauty; and Sampieri, a charming seaside village overlooking an enchanting turquoise colored sea.

The Playa Grande beach is located between the Foce del Irminio and Donnalucata nature reserve, characterized by a large beach of fine golden sand bordered by dune formations and surrounded by a dense and fragrant Mediterranean scrub. In Donnalucata, in addition to the Micenci beach, characterized by the presence of fresh water springs, and the Ponente beach, there are also wilder and pristine beaches such as those of Spinasanta, Palo Rosso and Palo Bianco, which are characterized by the presence of small natural bays. Inside the Park of Costa di Carro, a strip of territory of great landscape value, there is a wonderful beach, still unspoiled and surrounded by nature. Reserved and collected, the Costa di Carro beach is ideal for those who love to stay away from the confusion and want to enjoy peaceful days at the beach in close contact with nature. Also not to be missed is Punta Pisciotto Beach, the last stretch of Sampieri beach, on which stands the majestic Fornace Penna, an industrial archeology ruin that has become famous for being the location of numerous scenes from Commissioner Montalbano’s fiction.

Continuing further south-east we find the Marina di Modica beach, a beautiful bay overlooked by the village which, thanks to its special exposure and favorable wind conditions, constitutes a real paradise for surf and windsurf enthusiasts. Edged by soft dune formations, it boasts an always clean and crystalline sea. After passing the gulf of Marina di Modica you arrive at the splendid Maganuco beach, characterized by beautiful dunes constantly stirred by the wind. It is a very private beach where the sand is very fine and golden. In Pozzallo, one of the most famous seaside resorts in the province of Ragusa, there are two splendid beaches over the years awarded several times with the Blue Flag and the Green Flag: Raganzino Beach, adjacent to the port and close to the city center, which thanks to its inlet and the shallow waters that characterize it, it is the ideal beach for children; and the Pietre Nere beach, known for its extensive shoreline and for the presence of numerous bathing establishments which makes it the destination for young people and families.

Finally in Ispica, a monumental baroque city located in the south-eastern part of the province of Ragusa, the Mediterranean sea is announced by delicate and suggestive beaches, among which stands out the wonderful beach of Santa Maria del Focallo, which owes its name to a ancient church of which few remains. Famous for the beauty of its golden and fine beach, it is protected by a strip of acacias making it the ideal place for a picnic by the sea. In front of Santa Maria del Focallo you can see the island of the Leeks, an islet almost without flora, except for the presence of leek plants, protected as an integral reserve area. Beyond the territory of Santa Maria del Focallo a series of small coves chase each other surrounded by golden cliffs, among which opens the small Punta Ciriga beach, one of the most beautiful in all of Sicily. Also on the coast of Ispica there is also the mythological Porto Ulisse beach, famous for its spectacular panorama and beautiful stacks.

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